"Ross McCrae's attractive jazz-inflected, orchestral score sympathetically echoed Martial Dance's credo of fusing styles to find interesting outcomes."
Mary Brennan, The Herald, 20th Oct '08

"beautiful orchestral score"
Kelly Apter, The Scotsman, 11th Oct '08

2018 Theme Music (UK International Soccer Podcast)
2013 Fowl Play (collaboration with Pester & Rossi at Queen's Park Railway Club)
2012 The Art Of Seasoning (collaboration with Pester & Rossi for GSASA Jimbo Chrimbo event at SWG3, Glasgow)
Beating Around The Bush (collaboration with Pester & Rossi and Janine Fearn for Gi 2012)
2011 Soundtrack for "Peanut" (short film by Unscene Productions)
Title music for "Call of Duty" (short film by Scrumptious Productions)
2008 The Other (score for dance piece by Martial Dance)
2004 Crackertoon (music for children's theatre project at Mount Stuart House, Rothesay)
Turning Point (for Indepen-Dance)

UK International Soccer Podcast Theme

The Other
collaboration with Martial Dance @ Edinburgh Fringe and Scottish Tour 2008

soundtrack for Unscene Production's film, Peanut, 2011 (mildly NSFW)

Buttons Need Fingers
collaboration with Pester&Rossi for Gi 2012 @ Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow

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