I offer online remote sessions, providing decently-recorded trombone tracks for you to slot into your projects.

How it works:

I charge £30 for up to 3 solid minutes of trombone playing, i.e. I only count the parts of the song I'm playing on, so I could potentially cover a couple of songs for this price. If you need multiple tracks (double-tracking, octaves, harmonies) then that obviously uses up those minutes faster.

Simple, quality signal path: Rath R100 -> Electrovoice RE20 -> Apogee Duet -> WAV (up to 96kHz/24bit) in medium-sized room with a bit of acoustic treatment, for dry, close-mic'd sound. Also available: Holton TR181 bass trombone, Red5 RV15 valve condenser, variety of mutes, other cool spaces/rooms here in Glasgow (this last one may involve a bit of extra planning/cost). I record regularly with trumpet and sax colleagues - if you are looking for a full horn section, I should be able to arrange that for you.

Email for a chat, or here are some off-the-peg options:

Trombone tracks
Recorded according to your instructions. £30 / £45 / £55 / £70 / £120

Full afternoon trombone session
You can book me for a full 3-hour trombone recording session. You can send me files and instructions before the session, and I'll be set up, warmed up, and ready to go when the clock starts. You can be connected via Skype for the whole session if you like. Immediately after the session I will upload everything to a Dropbox. £120

Updated 16th July 2018.